Welcome to Liahona Academy: As parents, realizing that something must be done to change your teenís present course becomes more and more crucial. In many instances, intervention in a controlled environment becomes essential. Without a controlled environment, any attempts to intervene become disregarded by the influences of outside sources.


12-17 years of age (Boys Only)
Length: 1 year (or until Program Goals are achieved)
Program Type: Liahona is a boarding school with a "family feeling".  They provide a curriculum structured to each child's needs--whether it be to catch up or to make up for failed classes. They are licensed by the State of Utah Board of Education as a residential treatment facility and based upon the State of Utah Educational Core Curriculum, encouraging boys to further their education after their graduation or whenever they complete the program.
Liahona Academy offers: Personal Maintenance; Family-Team Living; Academic Excellence; Community/Service Learning; Career Exploration; Occupational Seminars and Equine Therapy/Experiences


Liahona Academy is located in the beautiful yet remote southwest corner of Utah only minutes away from one of the nation's most beautiful national parks, Zion National Park.  Our rural setting creates an environment which allows our teens to avoid distractions and focus on experiencing our life changing program. 


Our curriculum is designed to allow students to advance at their own pace, neither hindering their development nor allowing them to advance before they are ready.  Each course is taught by certified teachers. Every student will be taught courses required to receive the credits they need to earn a high school diploma.


Therapy is an effective element that we utilize to accomplish our overall design to help students build inner strengths, overcome emotional and behavioral problems and develop good communication and problem solving skills.

Individual Therapy is provided to help the boys recognize greater insight into their behavior and give them an opportunity to establish a relationship of trust with their counselor. In this private setting, boys are able to discuss issues that may be too sensitive for them to reveal to others in a group setting.
Therapy is provided by a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) that deals specifically with adolescents specializing in issues such as attention disorders, behavioral and emotional issues, substance abuse issues, depression, and addictive behaviors.

Group Therapy includes leadership training groups, special interest groups, anger management, drug abuse treatment, educational lectures, victim awareness groups, and positive peer groups. A licensed substance abuse counselor (LSAC) conducts drug abuse treatment seminars.


Liahona Academy students will participate in many recreational activities such as water skiing, swimming, bowling, basketball, football, skiing, hiking, softball, weightlifting, camping, movies, and many other activities according to their eligibility.
The boys will learn proper exercise and eating routines from our fitness instructors. Our success rate has shown that as they begin to see results in the way they look and feel, students will find positive alternatives to their negative behaviors. As they participate in activities, they begin to be more self-aware. This self-awareness leads the boys to develop better coping skills.

Daily Schedule

The Daily schedule for Liahona Academy is as follows, although many activities, service projects, seminars, and workshops will be implemented according to the status and eligibility earned for each student.

    Monday - Friday
    7:00 - Wake up / Daily Goals / Clean Rooms
    8:30 - Breakfast / Clean up
    9:00 - Work Crew / Gym / Individual Therapy / Equine Therapy
    12:00 - Group session
    1:00 - Lunch
    1:30 - School
    6:00 - Quiet time or outside Activity depending upon eligibility
    7:00 - Dinner
    7:30 - Clean up
    8:00 - Daily Evaluations / Goal Setting
    9:00 - Showers/ In Rooms/ Journal writing
    10:00 - Lights Out / Quiet

    7:00 - Wake up / Daily Goals / Clean Rooms
    8:30 - Breakfast / Clean up
    9:00 - School Work / Homework / Reading
    1:00 - Lunch
    1:30 - Clean up
    2:00 - Quiet time
    4:00 - Outside Recreation / Physical Activity
    7:30 - Dinner
    8:00 - Daily Evaluations / Goal Setting
    9:00 - Clean up/ Showers/ In Rooms
    10:00 - Lights Out / Quiet

    7:00 - Wake up / Daily Goals / Clean Rooms
    8:30 - Breakfast / Clean up
    9:00 - School Work / Homework / Reading
    1:00 - Lunch
    1:30 - Clean up
    2:00 - Write Letters Home
    4:00 - Quiet Time / Games
    7:00 - Dinner
    7:30 - Clean up
    8:00 - Daily Evaluations / Goals
    9:00 - Showers / In Rooms
    10:00 - Lights Out / Quiet

    Liahona Academy provides a well-structured program that also includes the following:

  • Daily Behavior Evaluations
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Daily Physical Fitness
  • Personal Development Courses
  • Vocational Training

If your child struggles with addictive behaviors, donít let time go by. Letting time go by is letting the addiction and behavior get worse. Allow the structure of Liahona Academy to strengthen your child.

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Liahona Academy Enrollment Agreement

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